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Thank you to everyone who submitted an application to host a #AARE2021 Conference Hub.

As more details about the hubs become available we will add it to the list below. 

There is no limit to the number of hubs you can attend, however the per person funding will only cover one hub. Please register for the hub you wish to receive funding. If you wish to attend any other hubs please email AARE

You must be registered for the conference to attend a conference hub. 

Victoria        Contact  

Monash University,
Faculty of Ed

  Networking (P/S & G/S) SIG. Hybrid event. Successful DECRA panel discussion. Book Launch (Wolfe)   Melissa Wolfe
Monash University  

Afternoon 'networking' event for Post-Structural and Gender and Sexualities SIG members. This will be run as a 'network' event where attendees (virtual and in person) introduce themselves and their work. Book launch will be included - (Wolfe)- speaker MaryLou Rasmussen and (hopefully) Emma Renold.

  Melissa Wolfe
University House,
Melbourne University

An afternoon/evening networking session at University House at the University of Melbourne, following the final session on Thursday for both SIG members and also open to other AARE members in Melbourne. Funds would be used for catering support (platters from University House) with delegates paying for drinks.

  Rhonda Di Biase

Melbourne Graduate School
of Education

  SIG Network and Launch of work from and International Arts Education Research Project   Mark Selkrig

MGSE, University
of Melbourne

This AARE conference Hub will have a focus on critical policy studies. It will include some AARE sessions on the Thursday from the policy SIG, and then also include post-conference activities on the Friday and Saturday that can include those that may attend Hubs in other cities earlier in the week. Funding would be appreciated to help with catering costs over the three days.

  Marcia McKenzie
Meeting room,
Level6, Melbourne Graduate School
of Education, 100
Leicester Street

Members of the Assessment for Graduate Teaching (AfGT) Consortium will be presenting a symposium entitled 'The Tudge Review: How the AfGT teaching performance assessment represents professionalism during rapid policy churn and frequent review of Initial Teacher Education'. At the time of the symposium, Victorian-based AfGT members (from MGSE, Federation University, Victoria University, Melbourne Polytechnic and Southern Cross Education Institute), will gather at MGSE to either present at the symposium or to support those presenting, just as they have done previously at in-person conferences. Following the presentation, refreshments will be provided for delegates Parkville. 3010.


Ron "Kim" Keamy

Flagstaff gardens
evening picnic

Victoria University research centre CIRES hosted covid-safe picnic. All AARE attendees welcome (no shared food, snack/ picnic items boxed from Queen Vic Market provided) for Quentin Maire book launch and after presentations - probably Thursday? • An evening networking session, following the final programmed conference session, with catering support from Hub funding, with delegates paying for drinks.

  Lizzie Knight

Deakin Downtown
(Docklands) and
Deakin University
(Waurn Ponds)

Deakin University is proposing to host a Hub on Wednesday 1 December at our corporate centre at the Geelong campus (Waurn Ponds Estate) and also at our Docklands corporate Centre (Deakin Downtown), commencing with networking lunches at both locations from 12.00 pm. Spaces have been booked for staff to sit (socially distanced on team tables) to watch the conference program (including the Radford Address) online. Networking drinks are proposed at both locations from 4.30 pm, and interested members can stay to watch the AGM (TBC, depending upon availability of staff at corporate centres/opening hours).

  Joanna Tai
Victoria and New South Wales  
Sydney and

A 'pub' style dinner (funding for food only) in both locations following the Neil Cranston lecture on the first evening of the conference for Educational Leadership SIG. We would use this time to catch up in person, welcome new members, and further our plans for an Australia-wide research collaboration. This would enable us to plan in local hubs and then collaborate at our monthly meeting on the project proposed at Monash when we last met in person. The Monash meeting enabled Fiona and I to relaunch our SIG as an active research group. This hub meeting is stage 2 in that process.


Sydney: Christine Grice

Melbourne: Fiona Longmuir

New South Wales  
University of

We are planning to have a breakfast pre-conference on one of the conference days (we haven't quite decided yet). Just promoting a place all of the conference participants from our University can meet to talk and chat. We will have the event to include all academics, HDR students and casual staff.

  Kate Smithers
Australian Capital Territory  
University of

The University aims to make available a space for staff & students from the university who will be attending the conference. This will include opportunities for networking events during the conference, spaces to watch keynotes, opportunities to watch staff and students present, and other activities. Some catering will be provided to support this event, if COVID restrictions allow.

  Natalie Downes
University of

A morning OR afternoon block of activities that run concurrently to the online conference program, with catering support from Hub funding and delegates paying any difference.

  Elke Stracke

University of


The STEM Education Research Centre (SERC) at the University of Canberra will provide appropriate physical spaces for the AARE conference delegates from UC to attend the online conference from the same location. The Hub Hosts will organise lunch catering for the delegates each day, with delegates paying the difference. This will allow delegates to connect face-to-face throughout the conference. Additionally, on the final afternoon of the conference, the Hub Hosts will facilitate a networking and reflection session. This session will allow delegates to reflect on their learning at the conference and network with colleagues.

  Emily Ashcroft

University Queensland  

School of Education: Meeting together for Martin Nakata's Radford Address (Wed. 3-4:30pm) and Raewyn Connell's keynote (Thurs. 3-4:30pm)

  Ian Hardy

QUT Kelvin

This Focal Meeting will provide opportunities for Bourdieusian educational researchers in Queensland to share knowledge and generate ideas for collaboration. Key activities may include: (1) book launch; (2) publication showcase; (3) presentation of work-in-progress; (4) discussion of possibilities for research collaboration in forms of edited book projects, joint grant applications, and co-publications.

  Michael Mu
USC Sippy

Bring AARE conference participants together for the first full day of the conference on Monday 29 Nov to build excitement about the full conference; enable local AARE members to network with each other and listen and engage together with the plenary sessions. At least 2 break out rooms will then be provided for colleagues in several SIGs to listen and engage together with SIG stream presentations on the first day.

  Catherine Manathunga
South Australia  
University of

Provide a venue to host AARE people during the conference, live stream plenary sessions. Arrange an evening networking session following the AGM, with catering support from Hub funding, with delegates paying for drinks.

  Anna Sullivan
Northern Territory  
Charles Darwin

Lunch on campus during the conference or after work drinks to get together and discuss our papers, the conference, our learning. There are 9 CDU staff from the College of Indigenous Futures, Education and the Arts that have let me know they are either presenting or intend to attend online.

  Bea Staley

Western Australia  
Edith Cowan
University's Mount
Lawley Campus

Face to face conference like proceedings - with morning and afternoon teas and lunch too! We will put a survey out to all Perth based people we can find from the draft program you have sent out and make a definitive schedule of conference like events. Plenaries will defintiely be covered and hopefully a number of SIGs. It will be dependent on numbers attending. All ECU AARE attendees will likely come to the Hub but we will also invite all other university academics in education to attend too.

  Christine Cunningham

Conference Organiser
Australian Association for Research in Education

Unit 9, 1 Geils Street
Deakin ACT 2600  

Tel: 0499338835


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