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Guidelines for AARE2021 Presentations


Synchronous Presentations

All conference sessions will be held on Zoom. When presenting your synchronous paper (20 minutes maximum for a regular paper), you will be asked to share your slides or screen with the audience. There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Sharing slides, content, or screen. Instructions for sharing your slides can be found here.
  2. Setting your slides as your virtual background. You can share your slides as your virtual background and your video will appear over the top of your slides. Instructions for setting your slides as a virtual background can be found here.


Pre-recorded Presentations

Pre-recorded presentations should be recorded and uploaded as ‘unlisted’ YouTube videos.

  1. Record your presentation using your software of choice (20 minutes maximum for a regular paper).
  2. Upload your presentation to YouTube. Instructions for how to upload a video to YouTube are here.
  3. Set the video visibility to unlisted and save the link. Instructions for how to set your video to unlisted are here.
  4. Send the link to a colleague on a different device to check that it works.
  5. Send the link via email to by Friday 19 November. Please include your paper ID (this can be found in your proposal acceptance email) and Special Interest Group.
  6. The link will be included in the online conference portal. You can delete the video from YouTube after the conference has concluded.

Note re: programming of pre-recorded presentations

SIG Convenors will program pre-recorded presentations as best fits their SIG stream. This may include:

  • programming pre-recorded presentations alongside live presentations, after which presenters would be available for a synchronous discussion.
  • programming a number of pre-recorded presentations at once, with a synchronous discussion time at the end of the session time (allowing time for the audience to watch the presentations before engaging in reflective discussions).


Poster Presentations

  1. Posters should be presented as a single A3 page design, submitted as a pdf. Please note that you can choose landscape or portrait layout for your poster. There are many websites with tips and information on designing research posters, such as this one.
  2. Posters will be housed on the conference website and linked in the conference program.
  3. Submit your pdf poster via email to by Friday 19 November. Please include your paper ID (this can be found in your proposal acceptance email).


Roles in Online Sessions

Session Chair

As with a face-to-face conference, the Session Chair will:

  • Introduce the session and introduce each paper and presenter/s.
  • Be responsible for time-keeping and managing the session to ensure it stays to schedule.
  • Manage the Q&A portion of the session. The ‘raise hand’ feature in Zoom will be used to ensure the Q&A session runs smoothly. The chat box may also be used to pose questions, which will be monitored by the Zoom Moderator.

Zoom Moderator

  • Volunteer Zoom Moderators will be in each Zoom room to provide technical support and monitor the chat for any possible issues or questions. They will act as a first point of contact for any technical support required by presenters.


Notes and Online Conferencing Etiquette

  1. Please make use of the reactions and participation functions on Zoom—raise your hand, thumbs up, clapping, etc.
  2. Delegates are encouraged make use of the Zoom chat function to share your thoughts throughout sessions, although participants are not expected to monitor the chat stream while presenting.
  3. Please do not take or post screenshots of people’s video streams without their consent. There may be privacy issues, family members or identifying details in the screen that people do not wish to be shared on social media.
  4. Many of our participants will live-tweet about the presentations they attend using the #AARE2021 hashtag. This is done to share insights for those who are unable to attend, or as a way of making notes about their own takeaways from sessions. If you do not wish for your presentation to be tweeted or shared on social media, please request for this at the beginning of your presentation.
  5. Please note that individual sessions will not be recorded. Only the main plenary sessions will be recorded and made available on the AARE website for members following the conclusion of the conference.
  6. As a fully online conference, we request that everyone please keep presentations and discussions within the allocated session times, to ensure the smooth flow of the conference program.


If you have any questions about your presentation, please contact the conference team on

Conference Organiser
Australian Association for Research in Education

Unit 9, 1 Geils Street
Deakin ACT 2600  

Tel: 0499338835


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