Creative Agency Lab Workshop

Activist philosophy in the learning city: Creative agency at large!

AARE Pre-conference Workshop

Co-organisers: Dr David Rousell and Professor Dan Harris, Creative Agency Lab, RMIT University

Date: Saturday 27 November
Time: 12:30pm – 5:30pm
Location: RMIT University (room tba)
Registration: Please register here

This pre-conference workshop will be a collective pedagogical experiment with the city of Melbourne as a living laboratory. Beginning at RMIT’s City Campus and threading our way through Melbourne’s alleys, parks, galleries, museums, and inner neighbourhoods, we will explore how the city moves, shifts, blocks, channels, and reroutes creative agency through a more-than-human ecology of experience. Mobilising an activist philosophy that always begins in the midst of creative activity, ‘with an activist sense of life at no remove’ (Massumi, 2011, p. 1), the workshop will be responsive to the creative agency of events as they play out in the city at large. Our itinerary will consist of an informal set of enabling constraints and speculative propositions, as pre-accelerated through selected readings from Massumi (2011), Manning (2020), and Harney and Moten (2013). The aim is not so much to apply these texts or ‘put them to work’ in instrumental ways, but rather to set concepts in motion through speculative practices of informal study and improvised sociality. Attending to the ‘improvisational excess’ (Moten, 2018, p. 156) of creative agency as it courses through the time-bending sociality of the event (Manning, 2020), this will be an open inquiry into how the city teaches and learns through activist ecologies of study at no remove from life’s immediacy.

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